Turning Disappointment into Divine Appointment 

For the past few days, I have decided to disconnect. Disconnect from the news and all negative social media. This gave me an opportunity to adjust my attitude and my outlook. As I ask the Lord to help me process the events of the last few days where the country (my country) has elected Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. After much meditation and praying, I have come to this conclusion.

Where do we go from here? Is on many people’s mind. Some people are relieved, and others are disappointed. But regardless if you are exuberant or saddened, as a country we have to go on, and we have to move forward.

For all my Christian friends on either side of the issue…… this outcome is not a mistake. The Lord has allowed Mr. Trump to get to the White House. We all agree that when he started out, many of us did not take him seriously. He was the underdog but yet he triumphed! It is my opinion he had God on his side.

For everyone else regardless of what you believe, I am sure you will agree that this is not a mistake.

The question I asked myself and would like to ask you……. Am I willing to accept the results and move forward and work together for the good of the country? If your answer is YES! then we have work to do.

  1. Accept that our President is now going to be Donald Trump.
  2. Stay Positive. Refrain from entering into negative talk about this election and our President-elect.
  3. Disconnect from any or all media that sensationalize this process. (personally, have avoided listening or watching the news or coverage of the election)
  4. Go out and volunteer. You can make a difference in your small circle.
  5. Pray that the Lord will use Mr. Trump to really make America Great Again for all and not a few.

Life is short, and we are only here for a short time, Let’s unite and make a difference. Make a difference for our children and for our grandchildren. Put away Greed, Anger, and Resentment. As the Lord said……… Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. 

2 thoughts on “Turning Disappointment into Divine Appointment 

  1. Great spirit my brother. One day I may get there. This is not that day. I can only say that not everything God allows is his will. Sometimes he allows us to suffer because of our own stubbornness and strong will and our insistence on following our own way. Time alone will tell.

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    • God’s will is one of those things that we as mortals may never fully understand while we are on this earth. I’m reminded of the question we often hear, or sometimes even ask ourselves, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” And if you look to the Bible, you’ll find blessings upon blessings, and miracles upon miracles. But on the flip side, you also find war, famine and death. So how in the world do you find the answer to such an obvious question?

      Well, that’s up to each one of us, and we’ll all believe different things or interpret the Bible in different ways, but I’d like to share something that I have come to realize, which is that there’s always something good that comes out of something bad. A forest can burn until all that’s left is a black, smoldering wasteland. But out of the ashes comes an even greener, healthier forest that thrives even better than the previous one.

      In our lives, terrible things happen, but in time you find that whatever the tragedy, something good came out of it, whether it was a lesson learned that made you stronger than what you were, or maybe it was something you were able to use to teach a lesson to somebody else.

      I guess my point is, look for the good in any situation, no matter how bad, and thank God for it. Even if the circumstances are utterly horrifying, we should thank Him just the same as we would thank Him for His blessings, because we know that He is always working on us, and if it were too easy, then there wouldn’t be as much glory in it for Him. I hope this helps. God bless 🙂

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